Focusing on rural areas in China and based on the cutting-edge methodology of“Co-Design”, the Lucitopia Rural Design Challenge 2018 aims at defining the problems and exploring the needs of the people based on the core of individuals and their community through research and interpretation on different dimensions of the target location,  exploring possibilities and solutions for the re-generation, re-development and re-vitalization of the Chinese rural areas by taking full advantage of the  local natural and cultural resources, as well as the creative design thinking patterns and cutting-edge technologies. The Challenge is held annually with a different theme or focus each year that will be discussed in depth. Teams of young designers from various countries participating in the Challenge will design and create latest green, intelligent and sustainable solutions and application for rural areas in the competition. Emerging digital media, open cooperation and scientific design methodology have become effective tools for designers to think, design and cast the future in this process.


The Lucitopia Rural Design Challenge 2018 and the opening ceremony of Lucitopia Town is held by Zixi Qingliangshan Lucitopia Town Dev. Co., Ltd. Co-organized by Xiamen MEXDIA Creativity & Technology Co., Ltd., C-PLATFORM and Creative Cooperative (FR/NL), the Challenge entered the preparatory stage since November 2017. After six months of early-stage data research, field research, preliminary design and competition preparation, the core part of the Challenge will officially take place in Qingliangshan National Forest Park, Zixi County, Jiangxi Province, China from May 21 to May 26, 2018. On the occasion, 10 teams from 7 seven leading academies and design institutions around the world, 40 international young and promising designers and 11 experts from different fields will be rated in the competition following the field visit, the design workshop, as well as the scheme establishing, creation and display.


The Lucitopia Rural Design Challenge 2018 initiates the creative idea of constructing Lucitopia Town. In addition to the construction needs of the event itself, the Challenge will propose a comprehensive design solution for the local economy, culture and community. It takes culture and art as the entry point to explore the new relationship among human, nature, society and civilization, while increasing social attention for the region. It will also have a lasting impact and profound value.



The names below are listed in alphabetical order



Dick van Dijk

Visual Artist and Creative Director, Waag Society



Strate School of Design, Sèvres

Royal Academy of the Arts (KABK), The Hague

Association for Smart Learning Ecosystem and Regional Development (ASLERD), Rome

Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm

Go-Sustainable Team Georgia

Art College of Xiamen University

Graduate Institute of Building & Planning, Taiwan University


(The names below are listed in no particular order)


Jeremy Raider, Jan Andre Köhler, Diego Grandy, Ella Hebendanz, Anne-Lies Pelgrim, Leyla-Nour Benouniche, Maarten Keus, Moze Maaike Mertens, Danish Sami Malik, Jordan Evans Aman, Juan He, Jiajin Li, Kunal Ashok Gujar, Olivia Flouty, Yuen Wei Han, Sandro Baracaglia, Gianmarco Carlucci

Ivan Cernuto, Francesco Scardigno, Cassandra Lorca Macchiavelli, Lisa Berkert Wallard, Oskar Henrik Lundgren, Erik Hidemark, Khatuna Sandroshvili, Tamar Bagashvili, Nana Bagashvili, HSIEH chia yi, TING hsuan, LIN Jiayu, CHEN Yiting, LIN Huimin, LIN Xingtong, LIU Shuoshi, HAN Yuli.


According to the county annals, Zixi was founded during the Ming dynasty in 1578. At that time it was called Luxi, named after the Luxi River which passes through the county. This name was kept until 1914, when the name was changed to Zixi. Zixi county has a land area of 1251 km², including 7 towns and 5 state tree farms. The total population of the county is approximately 130,000.


The public-benefit Zhuxi state tree farm is located in the south of Zixi county, some 30 kilometers away from the centre of the county. It has a land area of 42 km² with jurisdiction over 2 administrative villages – ShangZhuXi village and XiaZhuXi village. The tree farm has its total population of 1283.






The participants will be accommodated in a newly built camp in Lucitopia town, Qingliangshan. The camp is designed and constructed based on pre-fabricated architecture. In this phase, shipping containers were chosen. The camp offers living space and amenities for basic daily use, as well as the availability of work space and conference space. Additionally, Lucitopia town will also provide the equipment, tools and services of photocopying, cutting, electronics making, etc.




During the Design Challenge, a provisional transportation system will be set up: several electric sightseeing vehicles will shuttle between pre-designated stops on a regular basis in the area. In addition, a certain number of shared bicycles will be distributed in the areas, which are difficult to reach for the electric vehicles.



The successful organisation of the Challenge relies largely on the support of several different parties. We welcome people who are fond of design, creativity, and nature and those who want to be close to the brilliant designers from different counties to join our volunteer team.


Date: 2018.05.19 – 05.27

Address: Qingliangshan National Forest Park, Zixi County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi province.

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