Associate Professor of Environmental Art & Design, Art College of Xiamen University. Graduated from Architecture Department of Tongji University in 1991, he then got his master’s degree and taught at the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts (Tsinghua University School of Fine Arts) in 1995. He started to teach at Art College of Xiamen University from 1998, mainly responsible for teaching and research in architectural history and urban design. He is also the author of History of World Architecture (2004).


Deputy Director & Researcher, Institute of Biological Resources, Jiangxi Academy of Sciences. He concurrently serves as Deputy Director and Secretary-General of Jiangxi Ecological Society, Deputy Director of Jiangxi Zoological Society, Deputy Director of Jiangxi Society of Ecological Economics and Executive Director of China Society of Fisheries. Mainly engaged in animal ecology and conservation biology research. He specializes in Wetland Ecology, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Scientific Investigation and Planning of Nature Reserves, Ecological Environmental Impact Assessment, Research on Ecology, Prevention and Control Research of Harmful Animal (rats and birds).


Associate Professor & Ph.D. of College of City Design, Director of Housing Product Design Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Architect. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, Munich in 2006 with a MA degree of Architecture design. Since 2003, his design works have won numerous awards worldwide. He twice attended “Design for Sitting” Invitational Exhibitions of Artworks from International Universities, additionally acting as judge as well. In 2014, he went to the Milan Furniture Fair together with other Chinese designers, participating in the University of Milan “YU” Chinese Contemporary Design Exhibition.


Professor, Doctoral Mentor, Director of Trade and Environmental Research Centre, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. She mainly studies the relation between trade and environment as well as between time changes and economic development.


Director of Digital Media Art Department, Art College of Xiamen University, Curator, Artist & Architect. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, Munich with a MA degree in Religious Space and Artistic Space. His works are curated and exhibited in Germany in ”Youth Art in the St.Lukas church”, ”BMW ART PROJECT in FIZ”, AMNUA “The future of nostalgia”, Selby Fleetwood Gallery (US) “Indefinite Status” and other international exhibitions.


Visual artist, sculptor, designer, ceramist, teacher and researcher. He has studied, worked, taught and collaborated at leading visual arts institutions in the Netherlands, UK, USA and China. He has exhibited widely, has undertaken numerous large-scale commissions, and his work is in the collection of many individuals, museums, corporations and related enterprises. His PhD, in collaboration with the Ceramic Arts Research Centre of the University of Sunderland focused on the leading centre for innovation with the ceramic material – the European Ceramic Workcentre (EKWC) in the Netherlands. His book ‘Demystified: The European Ceramic Workcentre as Centre of Excellence’ was published in 2017.


Director of XIAMEN MEXDIA CREATIVITY & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., Artist. He Graduated from Xiamen University Art College, Master in Fine Arts. His subject is Visual Culture and Contemporary Art Research and Practice. He worked with different institutions to organize projects that seek the intersections between art and society. He taught in many different art & design colleges with rich experience in art creation, education and design.


Professor of Art College of Xiamen University, Doctoral Mentor of Macau University of Science and Technology, Curator. He is one of the founders of Chinese European Art Center. His main research direction: contemporary visual art theory and practice. Since 2001, he has participated in or carried out a number of domestic and overseas artistic projects, His personal works have been exhibited in galleries and art spaces worldwide.


Associate Professor of Environmental Design Department, Xiamen University of Technology, Ph.D. Candidate of Graduate Institute of Building & Planning of Taiwan University, Senior Landscape designer. Her main research direction: rural social transformation and urban-rural relationship; preservation and activation of local cultural heritage; rural cultural creativity and rural maker groups; people-oriented local construction and governance.


Former Deputy Head of Jiangxi Geological Survey Research Institute, Senior Engineer; technical expert of National Geopark and National Mine Park; expert of geological environment and geological exploration in Jiangxi Province; member of tourism Earth-Science Seminar, Geological Society of China; director of Jiangxi Geological Society; Executive director of Ecological Geology and Environment Society of Jiangxi. He received a special allowance from the provincial government.


School of Hydraulic and Ecological Engineering, Nanchang Institute of Technology, Senior Engineer, Registered Consulting Engineer, the bid assessment expert of the Provincial People’s government of Jiangxi Province, Expert of National Forestry and Technology, master tutor of landscape architecture. His main research direction: Landscape planning and design, Landscape and ecological restoration and Landscape heritage protection.