Lucitopia Town is located in Zhuxi Tree Farm in an area also containing Qingliangshan National Forest Park and several pastoral villages in Zixi County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province. Surrounded by beautiful nature with mountains and streams, Lucitopia Town is within an unspoiled ecological setting and pleasant environment with simple folk customs. Taking the “Creative Industry Eco Town” as the basic positioning, Lucitopia Town aims to incorporate a balance of Ecology, Living and Production (ELP) to create and develop a town that characterizes Ecological Civilization and a new form of Creative Industry. Under the premise of the strict protection of the natural environment, and respect for the original ecological balance, the development of Lucitopia Town incorporates spatial planning, industry planning, community building, content creation and experience design in an “organic” approach, which is geared towards the goal of the revitalization of the rural community. Lucitopia Town explores and harnesses local natural, cultural and social resources, strives for the innovative development of its industry, and is dedicated to creating a paradigm of town life that integrates Creative Industries, “Livable Ecology”, Cultural Tourism, Leisure and Wellness, and Community Services.






Xiamen Mexdia Creativity & Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the creation, practice and propagation of innovative concepts. Mexdia believes in the use of design thinking and the integration of creativity and technology, and works on the basis that interdisciplinary collaboration can facilitate innovation and generate sustainable value on an economic, social and cultural level. Building on its multidisciplinary team, and the international partner network established with design, creative and cultural institutions, Mexdia had planned, designed and produced a range of products, events and experiences in the field such as city promotion, rural area development, and urban-rural interaction.



C-PLATFORM is a non-profit culture and art research and curatorial organization located in Xiamen, China. The organization works at the intersection of Art, Design and Technology, focusing on current trends and future concepts in the realm of mixed media. In addition to periodical research subjects and issues it has conducted a series of explorations and related practices. This has been achieved by launching and curating comprehensive research projects and activities which are inter-disciplinary, inter-media and inter-sensory. It attempts to establish an interactive exchange platform that continuously releases creative energy and cultural transformation across the boundaries of content production and communication, public awareness and experience.



The Creative Cooperative believes in the power of people to build their own future through collaboration across diverse disciplines, expertise and experience. Digital media provide the tools to help envision, design, and mould that future.In this context, the Creative Cooperative facilitates the creation and design of innovative concepts for the application of digital media in such areas as urban regeneration and future development, citizen engagement, social and cultural inclusion, education and health. The Creative Cooperative works with government agencies, creative industry clusters, SMEs, large corporations, knowledge and cultural institutes and professional associations across Europe.The Creative Cooperative was founded in 2009 by Andrew Bullen (France) and Janine Huizenga (The Netherlands).